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Join me and my team for a transformative experience in our Living Oak Conscious Leadership workshops. These immersive programs are designed to propel healing, inner growth, self-awareness, emotional, and spiritual intelligence. They teach participants how to identify ways to break the cycle of generational burdens, elevate their self-leadership, and create positive impacts in their personal and professional spheres.

Are you ready to unlock your true leadership POTENTIAL and make a MEANINGFUL difference?


Moving beyond traditional approaches to self-help and leadership training, these workshops utilize a variety of modalities and approaches to open the aperture showing the interconnectedness between the effect of unconscious traumas and adverse events and the ability to unlock one’s full potential.

Join us on this enlightening journey towards becoming a conscious leader who not only drives personal and professional success but also inspires and uplifts those around you.

Let's embark on this transformative experience together!

Group Programs & Masterminds

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Living Oak Conscious Leadership Virtual Group Programs and Masterminds are transformative programs that combine the power of conscious leadership and trauma-healing work.  These immersive programs run for 12-weeks depending on the program.  They are designed to empower individuals and teams, fostering a deep understanding of self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and healing from past wounds, which allows participants to reach high levels of success.

About the Programs:

The Group and Mastermind programs are thoughtfully curated to provide a safe and supportive environment for participants to embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing and growth. I believe that true leadership begins with a profound understanding of oneself and a willingness to address past traumas that may be affecting their personal and professional life.

Month One

... is all about uncovering who you really are, how you developed responses to events and how to identify your triggers and your leadership style.

Month Two all about learning how to create psychologically safe spaces, and developing competency with various tools, approaches, and modalities. 

Month Three

... is all about putting it together into an upward spiral of growth toward your alchemized self and work.

key program highlights include…


Develop a deeper awareness and understanding of your emotions, triggers, and responses.


Engage in healing methodologies and practices to address past traumas and break free from limiting patterns.


Connect with like-minded individuals, forming a supportive community that fosters growth, understanding, and camaraderie.


Discover your true potential as a conscious leader, empowering yourself and those around you to thrive.


Our programs integrate emotional, spiritual, and psychological elements to create a comprehensive healing and leadership journey.


Learn from some of the best healers and conscious leaders to powerfully supplement the program objectives.

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Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey of conscious leadership and healing? Don't miss the opportunity to be part of our empowering group programs. Embrace your potential, heal from past wounds, and lead with authenticity and purpose. Connect with us today to reserve your spot and take the first step towards a more empowered and fulfilled life.

Executive Retreats & 1:1 Coaching

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Discover our exclusive and transformative Executive Leader Retreats and 1:1 Coaching for conscious executives, entrepreneurs, and high-profile and high-net worth individuals. Experience a tailored journey of self-discovery, trauma healing, and personal growth in a luxurious, private and nurturing environment with renowned support coaches,  away from the public eye. Rejuvenate, reflect, and embrace your authentic human potential.

In my three decades of working with executives and leaders in a variety of workplaces and businesses, in I understand the unique challenges that these types of leaders face in today's fast-paced and crisis-driven world.

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Personal healing sessions are specifically designed to address the impacts of stress, burnout, and unresolved traumas that can arise from high-pressure roles. Through carefully guided healing modalities, executives will have the opportunity to release past traumas and develop a stronger sense of emotional well-being and balance, which allows them to strength their leadership capabilities and drive an inclusive and conscious culture in their work.

Key highlights of our Executive Retreats include…

Personalized Guidance

Our experienced facilitators provide personalized attention, tailored to the needs of each executive, ensuring a highly impactful and transformative experience.

Experiential Learning

Engage in experiential exercises and immersive activities that facilitate profound introspection and personal growth.


Our retreats embrace a holistic approach, harmonizing the mind, body, and spirit to promote overall well-being and enhanced leadership capabilities.

Luxurious Settings

Enjoy the serenity of breathtaking retreat locations, carefully chosen to foster a sense of tranquility and mindfulness.

Peer Networking

Connect and collaborate with like-minded executives, creating a supportive network of conscious leaders committed to making a positive impact in their organizations and communities.

Psychologically Safe Containers

Rest easy knowing you have 100% confidentiality and safety with highly experienced and world-renowned support coaches to allow you to be at your most vulnerable and strongest.

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Who Should Attend?

These executive retreats are exclusively designed for C-suite and executive leaders, high-potential managers, entrepreneurs, and strong individual contributors who wish to lead with intention, empathy, and resilience. Whether you're seeking to enhance your leadership abilities, address personal traumas, or create a positive impact within your organization, this retreat is for you.

Join us for a Transformative Experience!

If you are a conscious executive ready to embrace personal growth, conscious leadership, and trauma healing, our executive retreats are your gateway to a profoundly enriching experience. Take a step towards a more empowered and fulfilled leadership journey. Connect with us today to reserve your spot and unlock your full potential as a conscious leader.

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