Who Supports the Business Owner?


Gather the Troops

This article is a follow-up and a deeper dive into how to organize your business and
what the key roles you need to truly support and grow your business into one that has
a strong valuation – not just revenues.

Let’s chat about the different types of support staff you need and what makes them so

There are essentially three key roles that need to be filled to set your business up for success:

  • The Technician
  • The Manager
  • The Entrepreneur

All of these roles need to be played simultaneously by different people with the right talents. It’s all about balance.

The Technician

This person represents the present and all that needs to be done for the physical aspects of the business building process. They are the “doer”. This is usually the most visible person of the entire operation.

The Manager

This person represents the past and works to fix problems through learning from past mistakes. They are the practical side of the business and is in charge of putting together the business and overseeing the planning.

The Entrepreneur

This person represents the future and the vision for the business. They are responsible for the creative side of the business and are always considering ways to enhance products/service, business image, branding and more.

All three of these characters are essential in the success of any business and to build a solid foundation from the start, you need to work harder to find the right people to put in these roles. Obviously, you need to be one of these key people, but ensure you find the role that fits your skills and talents, not necessarily what you THINK you should be doing. 

Most business founders find themselves in heavy “technician” mode when they need to be in “entrepreneur” (visionary) mode to truly blow the business up to massive growth.  This is generally a hard thing for Owners because they need to relinquish some control over the business and instill trust in people to allow them to do their jobs.  But many founders find it hard to let someone else manage “their baby.” 

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