Marketing Framework

StoryBrand™ Marketing Messages: How to Put Your Customers in a Happy Trance

Marketing Framework

Acclaimed business owner and consultant, Donald Miller’s book,Building a StoryBrand outlines marketing framework inspired by principles of storytelling called the StoryBrand 7 Part Framework.

I have been incorporating this methodology for my clients ever since – with dramatic results.

Why does it work? Why is it important?

This framework uses the same power of “story” that propels favorite movies, books and music to convey a message that keeps an audience “hooked” long after the ending. 

You need to do the same with your brand message.

Start By Defining your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Take the time to ask yourself some questions from the prospective of your customers/clients. What would it take to get your attention? What needs do you have that need to be met? What are the promises you want fulfilled? What internal and external challenges do you face? 

Once you know the answers to these questions you can start putting together a plan to meet these needs. Then take a look at what USP your competitors are using to help you develop your own USP. Your USP is what you are “promising” your customers/clients. This is what’s going to set you apart from your competition.

The Flow of the 7 Principles in a Good Story.

  1. The hero (customer) wants something….
  2. But they encounter a problem that stops her from getting it….
  3. So they need the help of a guide (your brand & message)
  4. Who has a plan (your products & services) to help them solve the problem…
  5. Then the guide (you & your brand) must call on the customer/client to act so they can solve their problem…
  6. You must make the stakes clear to the customer/client what they stand to lose if they don’t act…
  7. And show them what they will gain if they do act!

Next, Use a World-Class Marketing Perspective

Creating a “world-Class marketing perspective” is what a StoryBrand™ message is vital to your business, especially if you want to attract customers/clients that are ready to buy immediately or in the future. You want them to stay part of your community until they are ready to buy, but you need to identify their needs and communicate to them from the beginning. 

  1. Keep a marketing journal and scribble down anything innovative you see.
  2. Keep encouraging your marketing efforts to try new things and dump the ones that aren’t working.
  3. Order from your own company under a different name and analyze the process of ordering, shipping, online store, customer service and the product itself. This will show you where the areas of improvement in the customer experience are.
  4. Read every quality ad you can find and keep a file for future ideas to consider.
  5. When out in public, watch how consumers behave in different situations and how they consider their purchase.
  6. Step down a notch or two and work on the front lines with your sales and customer service staff.
  7. Continuously acknowledge your staff, vendors and customers. Everyone works and shops better when they feel appreciated.
  8. Always listen to feedback from employees and customers.
  9. Continuously test markets, ads, and marketing techniques. This is the only way to stay successful and know what’s working and, more importantly, what’s not.
  10. Offer more information in your marketing than anyone else. The more information you offer, the more products/services you’ll sell.
  11. A great marketing plan can only get better. Continue to fine tune and refine your marketing plan based on testing results and feedback.
  12. Be classy in your marketing. Make sure your marketing and advertising fits your company image, products/service and quality.
  13. Improve your best marketing areas and drop those that aren’t working.
  14. Focus on what you say, not how you say it. The best marketing ideas turn into the best marketing naturally.
  15. Develop all your ads, campaigns and sales materials with an attention to compelling and factual information.

As long as the reward is directly related to your product or service, you can’t lose. Why not get started today? It’s so simple, it’s so seldom done, and it’s so profitable. And that’s the bottom line.” Jay Abraham

It is so simple! So, why aren’t you starting today? We can help you put together a great marketing plan that will get you results.

Download my “Wheel of Success” and join my “Reimagine to Reinvent” Community to see how my team and I can help you and your business implement a StoryBrand™ and skyrocket your revenue!

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