Digital Marketing for Brick and Mortar Stores

An average consumer spends at least six hours a day online. One and a half hours of that is spent on social media platforms. That’s every single day! With numbers that high, it’s clear that brick and mortar stores must embrace the latest technology and include digital marketing within their overall marketing strategy. You can do digital marketing through many avenues, but this article will focus on marketing through the store’s website and social media platforms.


If we have learned anything from 2020, its that the world of digital marketing and virtual platforms are here to stay…no matter what kind of business you are in. Whether you are a bricks and mortar business, a service provider or a business-to-business corporate seller, learning to harness the virtual world is critical to a successful business or career move.


Digital marketing means using technology and the internet to reach potential customers. Easy access to the internet has given ways to connect with the customer base while also finding an audience filled with potential new clients. Does your small business have an effective website…one that drives real traffic not just communicate information? If not, it may be time to engage with someone to help.


In addition to marketing your business location, open hours or phone numbers, you can provide extra information to entice the consumers. For instance, a florist could run an online promotion of creating customizable bouquets which can then be picked up or delivered. A fashion store might offer tips on caring for leather goods or tailoring vintage clothing, which could expand into a new service at their retail location. A plant nursery could upload images and videos of plant care guides as well as diagnosing plant problems over webcam for a fee. A coffee house could market customizable specialty teas and coffees based on health needs or flavor profiles, write dessert recommendations, and offer a monthly subscription delivery so that the customer never runs out of a favorite blend. By using your small business website this way, you’re not only going to benefit through digital marketing but also building trust and setting your company up as an expert in the field. That is one of the ways to drive sales!


Social Media Marketing for Brick and Mortar Stores

To adapt to today’s technology boom, small business owners should also incorporate social media marketing as part of their digital marketing strategy. Engage in social media marketing by creatively using different platforms to build your brand, connect with customers, expand your market, and increase traffic to both your small business website and store. For example, a secondhand clothing store could use Facebook to encourage their customers to show off their hauls, which is a popular trend among fashionistas. A bed and breakfast might use Instagram to show off their spacious rooms and scenic views with a link to book the room. A mental health professional might use a blog to discuss self-care therapy and include a link to book an appointment over Zoom. A salon might use YouTube to review different products, show people how to use and buy them, or redirect them to book an appointment instead.


The internet has our attention, so your business needs to have a strong presence on the internet as part of your overall marketing strategy. Even if you aren’t a good writer, brick and mortar stores can still take advantage of this new advertising landscape by hiring content creators and working with social media influencers. The important thing is to make space for your small business on the internet. After all, digital marketing possibilities are endless!

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